2 Parenting Tips For Today

We are all busy doing life. Being a parent is hard and requires a tremendous amount of energy and bandwidth. So take a minute to read these two quick tips for your parenting journey.


  1. Devote time each day to check in with your son or daughter. You can do this even if you work long hours or travel out of town for work. It doesn’t have to be a long conversation. I think this is especially essential with teenagers. They need it even more than the younger kids. You are sending them the clear message that they matter to you even if and when you are very busy. This is reassuring and creates security and confidence.
  2. Readily admit when you have made a mistake or over-reacted. We all mess up on a regular basis. Don’t be reluctant to acknowledge your mistakes. You are modeling for your children to own up to their mistakes. This is a healthy aspect of any relationship especially the parent-child relationship. The words “I am sorry” are essential in parenting. This doesn’t make you any less in charge as a parent. I believe that kids respect their parents more when the parent acknowledges their mistakes.