7 Tips For a Great Night Sleep

Don’t do anything too stimulating before bed — That means you need to put your electronics away. Don’t get yourself all worked up and engaged in serious mental activities. Put that phone away.

Go to bed around the same time and get up around the same time every day — This will help establish a good sleep wake cycle. Shifting your sleep time from one night to the next will disrupt your sleep wake cycle. Pay attention to your body’s sleep signal. When you start feeling tired in the evening, don’t ignore your body’s cue to get ready for bed. A common reason for difficulties with falling asleep is ignoring our body’s sleep signal.

Establish a set bedtime routine that will help you to turn off from your hecti

Life in the Wilderness of Weakness

Within the spiritual community I participate we are currently walking through a season in which we acknowledge our fragility and weakness. The terrain here is rugged. The geography is treacherous. We call it the wilderness experience of our lives. To engage in this kind of truth-telling goes against the normal flow of our days. We become vulnerable.

Author and social worker Brene Brown writes, “Vulnerability sounds like truth a

Anxiety: Confront or Avoid?

Every time you avoid, anxiety wins. In order for you to win, you must realize that the avoidance is actually making your anxiety worse. The goal is for you to learn to tolerate feeling anxious. Victory for you will not always feel good, but the more you learn to tolerate your anxiety the less intense it will get over time. Remember, anxiety doesn’t own you or define you. Part of winning will involve being intentional in choosing to do things th