Be Curious and Fail Often

Have you every felt worried and been told it will be OK? Maybe it isn’t OK. Have you ever felt down and been told you have nothing to be sad about? Ridiculous–Sadness is a healthy negative emotion. Have you ever been under stress and been told everything will work out? But maybe it won’t work out.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine ~ Hippocrates

Stephanie (Steph) McKercher is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RD/RDN) with a background in integrative oncology and plant-based wellness. She acquired a master’s degree in nutrition and obtained 2+ years nutrition counseling experience with an integrative cancer treatment center in Chicago.

Not Your Mama’s Marijuana

You may hear your teen say “It’s going to be legal”, and in fact it is in several states (for adults), so “what’s the big deal?” they ask you. Well, for one thing, the marijuana teens are smoking today is not the same weed their parents may have smoked back in the 1970’s or 80’s.