New Year, New Me – Right?

by Dominique Marie Colarossi, Personal Trainer ~ Fitness Expert

With the New Year here it is easy to set goals and be defeated by them. Often the most common New Year’s resolution is to hit the gym more frequently. But how could you do so when regular gym goers are disgracing the “newbies?” This is a problem new members at gyms face when they don’t know what they’re doing.

Often times, it leads to a discouraging environment and dropping out of a goal they once cherished. No one should feel so anxious that they forget the most important reason they showed up; and that is to focus on themselves and improve on mind and body. Who cares if the person next to you is lifting more than you could imagine, or if they can get into a downward dog better than you can. The fact of the matter is that you showed up and want to better your health.

At the end of the day you are all that matters and your effort and dedication will prove itself worthy. Be proud of the commitment you are making because it takes a lot of guts to take that important and sometimes frightening first step. Be proud of yourself and follow through on your goals to be your best and to succeed.