Anxiety: Confront or Avoid?

Everyone knows anxiety doesn’t feel good. Anxiety can take on different forms from strong unpleasant physical feelings to paralyzing intrusive thoughts. Anxiety makes you want to avoid doing a whole lot of stuff. You feel like you can’t and then you end up mad at yourself. Anxiety wants to make your life smaller. Every time you get anxious, you are faced with this basic question: Who wins?

Every time you avoid, anxiety wins. In order for you to win, you must realize that the avoidance is actually making your anxiety worse. The goal is for you to learn to tolerate feeling anxious. Victory for you will not always feel good, but the more you learn to tolerate your anxiety the less intense it will get over time. Remember, anxiety doesn’t own you or define you. Part of winning will involve being intentional in choosing to do things that make you uncomfortable. Start with small modest goals before you tackle bigger challenges. Learn some relaxation training to practice as you challenge yourself to tolerate your anxiety.

Anxious thoughts lie to you. They are a distortion of truth. Learn to recognize that it is your anxiety talking to you. You don’t have to listen to it. You already know that anxiety is a liar and can’t be trusted. Don’t waste your time trying to debate and argue with a liar. It is not worth your focus and attention. The more your focus on the anxious thoughts, the more power the anxiety gets. Your focus should be on truth. Pursue truth every time. That’s how you defeat anxiety.