Dear Mom and Dad Full Fathom

Dear Mom and Dad…

by Mohab Hanna, M.D., Psychiatrist ~ Author

The power of choice is both a privilege and a responsibility. The power of choice can be a blessing and it can be a tremendous burden. As we grow older, we are increasingly faced with a greater number of choices. The gift of becoming a parent thrusts additional choices onto us, which at times can be overwhelming. From the very beginnings of life, parents are forced to make decisions on a daily basis. Before our daughter was born, I was shocked and sometimes overcome by the number of options we had in every detail from choosing the safest car seat to the right strollers, cribs, clothes, bibs, dressers, etc.… And little did I know that this was just the tip of the mammoth iceberg of choices.

Our choices are not solely limited to these important but more minor decisions. We are often faced with more vital and more difficult choices. And I want to be sure to emphasize that each of these decisions, small or large, is a reflection of our moral compass and core value system. One of the most significant choices we make relates to where we live. This choice becomes one of the primary scripts in the production and development of our children’s’ value systems and choices in their respective lives. They are very fortunate for this opportunity as many parts of the present world and for many prior generations, that choice never existed. However, in our current complex world of globalization and telecommuting, millions of us get to decide where we want to live. This choice does not pertain to just what country or city we choose to live in. We also often get to decide what part of the city or which suburb or community we should raise our children in. The choice of where we live reflects our priorities and what we value. The list of choices goes on and on and seemingly never ends.

So the questions I have for you today are these:

  • To what do you assign ultimate value?
  • How did you come to that conclusion?
  • Do you need to rethink what you give ultimate value?
  • How much time have you even given to thinking this through?

Remember that the power of choice is both a privilege and a responsibility. Remember that the decisions you make reflect your underlying value system. Therefore, is imperative that you prioritize that which is most important. For your children’s sake, put your devices aside and start having these conversations. And most importantly, choose wisely.