Fear of the Gym?

by Dominique Marie Colarossi, Personal Trainer ~ Fitness Expert

Are you having trouble joining a gym? Afraid you’ll walk in and not know what to do, where to go, what to truly expect? Have no fear because MOST know little about what they are doing!

We sign up at the local gym with expectations that the experience will be life changing; maybe we’ll lose 20 pounds, make a new friend and potential gym buddy, or get into routine of a healthy lifestyle, but don’t want to look out of place when we go for the first time.

The most important thing to remember when attending your first gym session is that everyone was or is in the same position as you are. We all had our first time on a machine that looked like a torture chamber, or nearly walked into the men’s locker room by accident. It’s okay, it happens! The importance of knowing we’ve all been there and feel that is to focus on and understand why you are here…you want to make a change.

Kudos to you for putting your health first and making an effort towards a well-balanced lifestyle. People respect those who make the effort to change for the better and that is something to always be motivated by and hopeful about.