We Found Strength In a Hopeless Place

Your Future Self Will Thank You

Often, we take for granted all that it takes to do our day to day routine. This may relate to using your body weight to get out of bed, picking up small children or animals, or kneeling down to tie your sneakers. Yano, the small stuff some people don’t think twice about before doing. For some, these tasks may be easy, but for others it may be too challenging that they need assistance or better yet someone else do it for them. But have no fear, the aches and pains may be diminished with a little help of exercise.

Strength training in particular is one of the most widespread uses of exercise that can enhance overall health. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. Aside from the great aesthetics over time, you’ll feel better about yourself when you don’t have to ask your spouse to kneel down and pick up the fork you dropped while making a salad. Or the excitement of your child running into your open arms after getting off the bus as you pick her up and swing her around, pain free. A bad back from years of lifting heavy loads with a flexed spine can inhibit your ability later in life, simply because you didn’t choose your health first.

So choose health! Mindful actions in spending some time and money on proper and adequate training will advance your future self. Also note that as strength training for women is highly advised, decreasing risks of common osteopenia and osteoporosis in our later years, it is not the end all be all. Strength training, or barbell training, is of course a fantastic way to get stronger however, to just be up and moving is also one way to get your feet wet. We all have to start somewhere! In the field of health and wellness, great results are decided amongst various ways of training, ways that your body will best adapt to over time. Do what’s best for you in terms of a better and stronger tomorrow.