Full Fathom Partners With A SOLID FOUNDATION

Full Fathom’s vision is to vitalize others and share an experience in mind and body balance and wellness.

Full Fathom Wellness is committed to the balance of physical health, emotional health, optimal wellness, and a human service perspective. Within this effort, partnering with non-profit endeavors and community service organizations is a Full Fathom priority. We are enthusiastic contributors to the organizations that support these important, empathic, and generous pursuits.

The Solid Foundation is an organization that we are excited to partner with. Solid Foundation has been empowering young people to do something awesome in their community since 1999. Formally established as a non-profit organization in 2002, Solid (as it is often called) creates environments where mentoring can naturally develop through skateboarding, art and music. These “mentoring environments” can vary from skateboarding contests and sessions, art shows and workshops, punk rock concerts to service projects and opportunities for young people to give back. Recent projects in 2015/16 have been: feeding the homeless, vinyl siding a house, painting over graffiti and serving overseas in Panama.

The short term vision of Solid Foundation is to create a one-of-a-kind youth center where all the organization’s programs to serve young people here in North Jersey can fit under one roof.

For more information, visit Solid Foundation or contact executive director, Steven Wolfe: steven@sfnj.com