How Tired Are You?

by Dr. Mohab Hanna, Psychiatrist ~ Published Author

The latest research shows that a significant number of Americans don’t feel fully rested for most of the week. Only 15% of Americans report not waking up even one day a week feeling tired and poorly rested, while 40% say that they wake up once, twice or three times a week feeling poorly rested. 38% say that they’re poorly rested four or more days a week. These numbers are staggering but are probably consistent with most of our experiences.

Many of us have many responsibilities juggling our professional and personal lives. Millions of us resort to caffeine and other products to get through the day. Over time, the dependence builds and we can’t stop. If we try to stop, the lethargy and headaches come roaring reminding us to go grab that caffeine or energy drink. We at Full Fathom Wellness want to provide a product that provides optimal energy. That is why we formulated Full Fathom Energy as a natural energy sustaining supplement that is taken daily to help you achieve a consistent energy level without relying on caffeine or energy drinks.