Life in the Wilderness of Weakness

For many, life steadily becomes a display of accomplishment and power. After all, who ever built a profile and completed an application, resume, or curriculum vitae with a list of weaknesses? Yet, there are a multitude of people discovering a richer life found in a community of people who acknowledge fragility, own weakness, and grow in awareness that help is needed from the outside.

Within the spiritual community I participate we are currently walking through a season in which we acknowledge our fragility and weakness. The terrain here is rugged. The geography is treacherous. We call it the wilderness experience of our lives. To engage in this kind of truth-telling goes against the normal flow of our days. We become vulnerable.

Author and social worker Brene Brown writes, “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.”

Our lives are carriers of weakness and fragility. Whole living invites us to become vulnerable people. However, vulnerability is never weakness. Instead, it is the catalyst to life being found in the midst of our weakness and fragility. And, therefore, vulnerability is the birthplace of new possibility.

Here are questions to ask yourself. Can you identify a community of others with whom you regularly connect for the purpose of practicing vulnerability? When is the last time you openly spoke your fragility and weakness through person to person communication? Do you regularly acknowledge to others you need help from outside yourself?

May we go forward walking with a limp in a community of others. May we find freedom in this season of life as we become truth-tellers of our fragility and weakness. May we find strength and possibility in vulnerability. May we find life emerging in the wilderness of weakness.