Positive Sleep Habits

by Dr. Alexander Wright, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” – Thomas Dekker

You will die from sleep deprivation before you die from starvation. It takes approximately 2 weeks to starve but only 10 days to potentially die from sleep deprivation. Sleep can significantly impact memory function, attention, and other important cognitive functions.

Sleep can also significantly impact our moods, coping abilities, and relationships. Adequate sleep is so vital in the promotion of tying health and our bodies together. Good sleep hygiene decreases inflammation in the body protecting us from heart disease, arthritis, and other dangerous and harmful ailments. Positive sleep habits increases and improves memory function, which is also linked to problem solving and creativity.

Perhaps the strongest connection is between sleep and stress. With a good night sleep of 7 hours or more (more for children and adolescents), we can significantly reduce our stress levels, which then gives us increased control over blood pressure and other components of cardiovascular health. The power and benefit in good sleep habits is such an important part of mind and body health and balance.

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