Sleep Well, Think Well

by Dr. Mohab Hanna, Psychiatrist ~ Published Author

Sleep is one of the most important things we do every day. Disrupted sleep is a very common cause of many ailments and maladies. The list of negative consequences from disrupted sleep is long and comprehensive, but one of the most significant is the impact on cognitive function. Sleep is essential for optimal cognitive function. Research shows that sleep deprivation impairs attention and working memory, but it also affects other cognitive functions. These include long-term memory and decision-making.

We live in a world that undervalues sleep and celebrates perpetual wakefulness both for work and leisure. Research is very clear that sleeping well equates with thinking well. We all must take inventory of all of the activities that are interfering with an optimal night of sleep and not be afraid of saying no to some activities that are interfering with sleeping well.

A natural night of sleep goes a long way each day in functioning optimally. This is why we have put together this combination of natural components in Full Fathom Sleep. Full Fathom Sleep is a doctor formulated natural daily nutritional supplement to promote optimal sleep.