Time For Fitness

by Dominique Marie Colarossi, Personal Trainer ~ Fitness Expert

Making time for fitness is both important and at times a challenge. Too much going on in your career? Sleepless Nights of studying for exams? Children need to get to their practices and fitness commitments? These are just a few reasons we have difficulty finding the time to squeeze in a workout, but are eager to live a healthy lifestyle.

I bet you’re wondering what the easy fix is? If something holds significant value to you, then it is worthwhile and important. You and your health are worthwhile and important. Earning the body you want and living a healthy lifestyle can be achieved with a few fairly simple steps.

First, outline some “me” time into your day. Our schedules can get busy rather quickly but work on remembering this important investment in yourself. Think about ways in which you can be productive without having to change everything all at once. Maybe this means turning that dog walk into a brisk walk or jog, introducing your children to after school yoga together, or taking an afternoon walk on your lunch break at work.  Quick workouts are better than no workouts!

Also, increasing your activities of daily living can suffice. For instance, take the stairs instead of riding the elevator, or hop off the subway a stop early to walk those few extra blocks.  These are just a few ways in which we can make healthy changes without holding time accountable.

With this being said, take a look at your daily routine and make small adjustments that can aid in a healthier lifestyle.  Not having the sufficient time to make it to the gym, trainer, or fitness class is typical for the average person. Making minor adjustments to your routine and schedule shows your commitment to yourself. Remember, a small adjustment goes a long way. Progress is the goal and with a bit of effort, you can do anything you set your mind to. Be confident that you can make the change, stay focused, ambitious, and you will be amazed by your accomplishments.