Workouts at Work!

by Dominique Marie Colarossi, Personal Trainer ~ Fitness Expert

Are you wrapped up with working overtime, have little time to get in the workout you wish? Try this at your desk in between phone calls and business meetings! By utilizing the space around you, tons can get done to benefit your health!

• Push ups off your desk
• Squat to stand from your chair
• Calf raises (can be done anywhere of course)
• Take the stairs instead of elevator for added cardio
• Marching in place
• Low impact jumping jacks
• Standing elbow to opposite knee

Utilize the space around you wherever you work. Mostly anything can be used in a workout, even something as simple as squatting to pick up a pen that rolled off your desk. These exercises may seem ridiculous at times but you’ll feel better that you did some sort of physical activity opposed to none at all.