Workouts on the Fly!

by Dominique Marie Colarossi, Personal Trainer ~ Fitness Expert

Full body workouts twice a week have been my “go-to”. I use my free time wisely and have come up with a couple of exercises that justify a well-rounded workout that can be done in less than a half hour! Who doesn’t love a quick and efficient sweat sesh? This workout is fantastic and works well at a local park where I run the perimeter (which is shy of 1.0 mi) and put the field and playground to good use:

  • Pushups on the bench for elevation (hands or feet can be on the bench depending on your level of difficulty)
  • Pull ups on the monkey bars
  • Step ups onto the bench or platform on the jungle gym
  • Laying bridges on the field (view a brief bridge instructional that also includes 9 other exercises)

Each exercise is done 3 sets of 10 repetitions. Have fun!

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